Client testimonials​

“Victor coached me regarding my communication style. With his eye for detail Victor is an expert at analysing communication dynamics. He gave me wonderful learning experiences for ways of interacting and framing what I say and ask. Victor is very reflective and artfully draws together my own reflections with his clarifying questions to form a cohesive and coherent whole. He inspires confidence.

Coaching client, March 2018

“Victor coached me on the way I interact. I found him very easy to relate to and be comfortable with. I love his use of practical examples for things I want to improve, and that we discussed the 'why' of what I do or don't do in relation to my goals.

Coaching client, March 2018

“Victor mediated our dispute related to a construction project. Each party was given access to a private room separate from the mediation room; all quiet, clean, spacious and well-equipped. Victor explained the structure of the mediation upfront. He controlled communications, and had the ability to let each person have their say without interruption or heated discussions. Through a clear agenda things were decided there and then, the issues resolved and confirmed in a binding agreement, ending the stress that our mis-communication had brought. Victor carried out the entire process professionally with clear communication; he was excellent.”

Mediation participant, May 2016

“Victor coached me in relation to my desired change of career from employee to independent consultant. He had a great ability to get to the heart of my issues. Victor took the time to get to know the context of my issues which for me is important as it reassured me that his approach was framed for context and relevance. His tone of voice and general demeanour was very calming which settled me, helped to anchor me, and made me realise that a lot of things I am worrying about are in my head only. I loved his help to channel worries into concrete tangible actions.

I am underway now!, I have packaged my offering and am taking it to market confidently."

Sales & Business Development Manager, May 2016

Victor coached me on conflict resolution processes and skills. Victor's style is naturally encouraging and very affirming, which I found enormously helpful. His professional insights were evident in the practical tips and feedback he provided.

Student, Resolution Institute, November 2015

“Victor coached me on my journey when I was made redundant to give me clarity on ‘where to from here’. I found Victor easy to talk to, very smart, and a great listener. This made me comfortable to speak confidentially. It was an eye-opener for me that I found each session valuable even when I wasn’t always sure what outcomes I wanted. I was impressed with how Victor guided me through issues. Victor had a great ability to tune into where I was at in each of the sessions. I was very impressed with how quickly he could ascertain and playback what was going on for me at the time. The coaching left me confident I will be fine."

Director Supply Chain Management, June 2015


Clarity Counts Sydney
Clarity Counts Sydney

“We engaged Victor to mentor our Governance team when we restructured our organisation. It was great to get his input and view on some very tricky change management issues, feedback on meetings, and a number of red flag issues that we came across during the project. We know Victor as a person of integrity. We appreciate his honesty and courage to call things.”

Director, People, Learning and Culture - ANGLICARE Sydney

"Victor worked with us several times in a facilitation role to help us make progress with strategic projects. I enjoyed working with Victor and was very pleased with the high quality deliverables produced. Victor is skilled at thinking “outside the square” and bringing a fresh perspective to projects, often resulting in more efficient or effective outcomes. Victor has a wealth of knowledge and a versatile skill-set. I found he was equally comfortable in a strategic or hands-on capacity - or a mixture of both! Regardless of the brief, he always got the job done with impeccable professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending Victor to others."

National Manager Interactive Services - Australian Stock eXchange

Clarity Counts Sydney
Clarity Counts Sydney
Clarity Counts Sydney

"Victor coached our team on negotiation skills in facilitated workshops. I liked that the people were engaged, the interaction, and easy-going nature of the sessions. Victor was very passionate about the subject. The workshops had a good mixture of talking, discussions, slides, exercises, and videos. Victor facilitated in a logical and interesting way. I liked the context setting and how he kept us in the learning zone. Victor used the experience around the room well, gave the team a lot of practical leads to take away, and showed to have good experience in the topic."

Head of Department - ING Direct

"Victor facilitated resolution of a post implementation conflict between an aged care service provider (our client), and an IT software application vendor. I found Victor to be instrumental in resolving our client's dispute by his prompt, detailed and impartial assessment of the matters in contention. I also appreciated his proactive approach and regular follow ups of the parties."

Partner - Hicksons Lawyers

"We engaged Victor to give us negotiation coaching about longstanding differences between our members and regulators. The workshop Victor facilitated raised our awareness and honed our skills. Victor was able to grasp our issues, summarise them succinctly, and thoroughly apply strategies and processes to help us and our negotiations forward. The openness generated amongst team members was fantastic! The workshop was intense while entertaining, giving us lots of ideas for our own organisation, and personal role and influence; it also helped our commitment, patience, and positive determination."

Provincial Secretary - Federated Famers New Zealand

"I would like to express sincere thanks for the hard work and very long hours that Victor worked with my organisation to unravel issues with one of our suppliers, and help us select and implement an alternative system. The highly proficient manner in which Victor worked tirelessly with our team to undertake this exercise has resulted in an extremely high quality system that we believe we can enjoy for many years to come."

Chairman, The Whiddon Group

"We engaged Victor to coach mediator students in their effectiveness to independently manage a dispute. Students found Victor's facilitative approach to encourage discussion among participants very helpful. His ability to pinpoint learning points with specific feedback on what happened while sharing possible alternative approaches was highly valued. Victor's relaxed style and his injecting humour into his comments helped students feel very comfortable opening up."

Manager training services, LEADR & IAMA

“We selected Victor through a competitive tender process to do a change readiness review for us in relation to a major corporate project. In workshops and through presentation of his findings Victor highlighted the strong points in our approach, gave professional feedback about what we were missing, and recommended a path forward that is guiding us to this day. We particularly value Victor's willingness and ability to call things, clearly and respectfully. The expert facilitation skills that he displayed reduce the risks of our journey and increase our confidence going forward."

Chairperson Change Management Committee, Local Government

"Victor is very passionate & one of the most client-centric professionals I have worked with. His enthusiasm, positive outlook at work & team-spirit are infectious! His relationship-building & networking skills are legendary & the success of his own ventures has also clearly demonstrated his entrepreneurial zeal. My well-wishes will always be with him."

Business Development Manager

"Victor is an astute business professional focused on stakeholder outcomes, with a win-win approach for all his clients. Victor is quick to understand customer objectives and deliver value to his clients efficiently in multi stakeholder environments. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Project Manager

"I have known Victor since 2007. From the outset all interactions with Victor have been very amicable and positive, facilitative and solution oriented; all in all absolutely tremendous. Victor’s professional outlook is unquestionably client focused and his approach perceptive, resourceful and impartial, outcome driven and aiming at win-win solutions. I found Victor to be a very dynamic and intelligent person, clever business man, skilled negotiator and gifted mediator. Victor’s enquiring intellect and interest in numerous fields, paired with his relaxed personal style and deep understanding of the human being makes him a very interesting and smart communicator and presenter. Victor is an absolutely welcoming and pleasant person to be around with, he’s got the heart at the right place and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him."

Business Analyst