Are you looking for team results that business-as-usual processes won't achieve? Looking to change team dynamics? 


As external facilitators we work with you and your team to identify new approaches,develop fresh ideas, and find a way to implement them.   ​


Our involvement allows you and your team members to fully participate in the process on an equal basis. 



Goals and scope of our facilitation role are set by you, the client. What would you like to achieve? What do you expect from us as the external facilitator?  Do you require a one-off session or our broader involvement as we facilitate an agreed process towards the desired outcome? 


Options for our involvement may include: 


  • Individual interviews with team members to tune in to their ideas

  • Customised team surveys to elicit comments and ideas, possibly anonymously

  • Team workshops to clarify and formulate common ground (e.g. vision, mission, purpose, values, goals, objectives, or needs)

  • Team workshops to develop optional pathways (strategies) to reach objectives that can be owned by the team

  • Documentation of findings, conclusions and recommended next steps 




The client sponsor and the facilitator meet for an initial free, confidential, no obligation discovery and scoping meeting. This informal meeting can be face to face or by Skype/phone to assess if and how we might be a good match for each other. We also discuss the current challenges you face, and mutual expectations in relation to focus, approach, duration, fees, and other relevant aspects of our involvement.


If you decide to proceed we confirm our agreement in writing. Throughout our engagement you have unlimited access by phone and email to your facilitator.  




  • How can we get our team members to talk to each other?

  • How can we engage our team better by drawing on personal professional passions? 

  • How do we formulate our vision, mission, purpose, values, goals, objectives, or needs in a way that excites the team?

  • How do we develop a shared team strategy to reach objectives?

  • How do we prioritise competing activities?




Contact us to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation discovery meeting, or explore our other services

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