Are you looking to work through a challenge for yourself, your team, your project, or your organisation? Is confidentiality important to you?

Our Mentoring services help people to achieve success and fulfilment for their venture, job, team, project, or organisation. All interactions between mentor and client remain confidential. Conversations dissolve fear, guilt, shame or judgement to increase authenticity, clarity, and meaning.



















Clarity Counts mentoring services take a holistic view. All aspects of your circumstances that have impact are taken into account.


We help align 3 key elements of your professional ecosystem: you, your professional initiatives, and other stakeholders involved. We work with you to achieve clarity on the 'why', 'what', and 'how' of questions arising.


As the client you set your goals and scope of our involvement: What do you want to achieve? Which challenges do you want help with? As your mentor we will:

  • Be a sounding board for your ideas, challenges, and doubts

  • Ask you questions to probe, clarify, and address

  • Explore options with you, and their possible intended and unintended consequences and impact

  • Be available for role plays to prepare and strengthen you for particular situations and scenarios


As your mentor we guide, awaken, and support you. Your conscience is your teacher to guide your decisions.


Where appropriate we can assist you with deliverables you have committed to, in a consulting capacity.




You and your mentor meet for an initial, free, confidential, no obligation discovery and scoping meeting. This informal meeting can be face to face or by phone, to enable both of us to assess if and how we can be a good match for each other. In this meeting we also discuss mutual expectations in relation to scope, focus, approach, duration, frequency, and fees for the mentoring relationship.


Where we both decide to proceed we confirm our expectations in a written agreement. Throughout our involvement we meet as agreed, and you have access to your mentor by phone and email. 




  • Self-confidence

  • Job satisfaction

  • Managing expectations

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Governing a project

  • Developing a strategy

  • Balancing responsibilities




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