Our Mission, Passion, Profession, and Vocation elements of our Purpose leading to our Vision

Model that connects Mission, Passion, Profession, and Vocation, to define Puirpose as their common element

The above diagram pictures one way to unravel various elements of one's purpose.


Our work is service-oriented, and tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our own orientation will influence how we listen to your stories and deal with your situation. Therefore we highlight below the key elements in the above picture of our own purpose.


With the meaning given to words in the above picture:


  • Our Mission is to empower everyone to be their authentic self, fostering diversity and freedom of choice for all


  • Our Passion is to connect (with) people, facilitating people getting access to their hidden wisdom, minimising waste 


  • Our Profession is to mentor, coach, facilitate, investigate, mediate, and conciliate


  • Our Vocation is to unravel complexity, facilitate clarity, bridge perspectives, and guide client actions to ensure daily progress towards their goals


Combining these four elements leads to our purpose:


  • Our Purpose is to equip and empower people to

    • act wisely and freely on change 

      • that they desire in their life, or 

      • that is forced upon them by life events

    • enjoy passionately the parts of their life that don't need change


Our Purpose inspires us towards our Vision for a future in which we leverage differences between people to cross-fertilise each other and broaden the potential and fulfilment for all; where we have ways to constructively deal with all that happens; where we can see that everything is connected and that we are actually all part of one; where we understand how our actions affect others, and how we are affected by others' actions.


Back to today...our daily message for all of us:

It is what it is.

Be yourself, joyful and useful, as this life is not a rehearsal.

Working on our awareness and perspective is the most effective way to make daily progress while enjoying life.


More about Clarity Counts' founder and principal operator can be read in Victor Konijn's profile on this website.