Clarity Counts provides clarity for our clients. As a client, we help you to

  • Get to know yourself and clarify what's important to you

  • Establish a clear path towards the results you seek in a way that suits you

  • Connect with other organisations or individuals to deepen or accelerate success

  • Reconnect with other parties when relationships are suffering


We listen to our client needs and use tailored processes that produce desired results. Client confidentiality is paramount.  


Our services include the following:


  • As a mentor we focus on holistic development of the client as a person or a team. All circumstances of the client are taken into account.


  • As a coach we focus on developing client skills, insights, and knowledge to reach a particular goal.


  • As a facilitator we focus on process management of an outcome to be achieved for the client as a person or a team.


  • As an investigator we focus on collecting facts, perceptions, and experiences of stakeholders in relation to the client situation under investigation. We report back to the client. Including our recommendations is optional.


  • As a mediator we focus on facilitating discussions between parties to resolve issues between them that have escalated to the level where relationships suffer.  


  • As a conciliator we focus on facilitating discussions between parties to resolve issues between them that have escalated to the level where relationships suffer. In addition to this mediator role, the conciliator may provide or arrange specific subject matter expertise to complement the parties' knowledge about a matter.


The above lists 6 clearly distinguished service offerings. Clarity Counts is always willing to discuss a hybrid role you may require from us.


For all services offered we manage the process. The client's situation determines the content of any discussions. Our services empower the client to make decisions in order to move forward with confidence.




Contact us today to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation  discovery meeting, or click through for further details of a particular service. 

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