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We equip and empower you

to act wisely and freely on change that you desire or that is forced upon you,
through our mentoring, coaching, and mediation practice.

Life coach, facilitator and mediator based in Sydney Australia

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At Clarity Counts we believe that

  • you get best lasting results and enjoy life most when you are authentic

  • you and the people around you are interdependent

  • you are choosing what you spend your time, energy, and money on

  • you are the solution to problems and issues that cross your path

  • our professional techniques, tools, and processes are means helping you to take action towards your goals

  • your head, heart, and hands have a role in your choices, decisions and actions

  • asking for help is a sign of strength

Life coach, facilitator and mediator based in Sydney Australia

Example individual client scenarios have included getting started as independent consultant, moving on from a redundancy, acting on a desire to change jobs, developing a business strategy for an entrepreneurial initiative, removing stress from communications with colleagues and boss, getting others to cooperate with a new team direction, and preparing for formal mediation.


Example organisational client scenarios have included resolving an escalated construction contract dispute, communicating a restructuring program to employees, presenting a project idea to the board for approval, developing a project governance framework, preparing for negotiations with business stakeholders, arranging project buy-in from affected employees, and resolving an escalated project dispute with a supplier.    


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Life coach, facilitator and mediator based in Sydney Australia

At Clarity Counts we specialise in empowering you to

  • find yourself, be yourself, at all times, and enjoy the benefits of doing that

  • appreciate the 'as-is' state as the perfect base to move from towards the 'to-be' state

  • drive results you want, leveraging people and experiences that cross your path


We do that by

  • equipping you to get to know yourself better, and to clarify your interests and needs

  • grounding your goals, so you truly believe they can happen

  • clarifying with you how you can best move forward towards satisfying fulfillment

  • enabling you to overcome fear, shame, or guilt that may be distracting you

  • connecting you to others if you want to enrich or accelerate your journey

  • clarifying with you the expectations you have of others around you

Whether you are at the start of something new, in a void, in the midst of turmoil, at cross roads, or at what seems the end of the road, we’d love to help you elicit your

sustainable truth for your next step, so you can move forward with confidence.


We identify with you what’s alive in you. We work with you through defined and

proven processes to get results. We work as a coach, mentor, facilitator, investigator, mediator, or conciliator - the role we take when we work with you is determined by where you are in your journey and your needs.

Life coach, facilitator and mediator based in Sydney Australia
Life coach, facilitator and mediator based in Sydney Australia

Feel free to contact us, confidentially and without obligations, to discuss your needs and questions, and discover if working together makes sense.